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Ready to eat. Simple and economical to use. Easy to apply to the substrate. Provides a strong and elastic glue line. It is not toxic. Has a neutral odor. Does not contain solvent. For indoor and outdoor use.

Technical description:

Type of material:

All-purpose adhesive based on synthetic dispersion.


Water, polymer acrylic, fillers, functional additives, preservative.




Approximately g / cm3.


Notched trowel A2: PVC coating

Notched trowel B2: Carpets

Notched trowel C3 or C2


For gluing linoleum (baseless and on various types of substrates), carpet, etc. Can be used for heated floors.


Cement, cement-sand, anhydrite, gypsum screed floors, chipboard, fiberboard, wood. The foundations must be load-bearing, i.e. strong, even, dry for a long time, dust-free and fat-free.

Operating procedure:

Stir the glue before applying. Apply the adhesive evenly to the substrate without gaps using a notched trowel. Remove traces of glue contamination with a damp cloth without waiting for drying. In doing so, care must be taken to cover all corners and edges with glue. It is important, however, that the amount of adhesive is sufficient to ensure that the coating is laid free of air gaps between the coating and the substrate. Avoid buildup of glue. Apply the coating immediately. To complete the installation, it is necessary to press and roll the cover.

Linoleum gluing:

Before gluing, linoleum in rolls must be rolled out at a temperature of at least 15 ° C for several days (before leveling). All roll materials should be laid without tension and evenly. It is recommended to glue the middle of the panel first, not reaching the seam of 10–15 cm, laying with an overlap of 1.5–2 cm. Cutting and gluing of the seams is done after the glue has hardened under the middle of the panel.

Bonding PVC tiles:

When gluing a tile, it should be applied with an offset to better spread the adhesive over the tile surface. The edges of sheets or tiles, if necessary, should be rubbed or rolled again after a while.

The floor is ready for use in 72 hours.

Cleaning tools:

Rinse immediately after use with water while the glue is still fresh.


OK. 300-500 g / m2 depending on the substrate and the notched trowel. The most reliable method for accurately setting the flow rate is a test coating.


Not lower than +5 ° C


1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg

Drying time:

at t + 20 ° С 8-10 hours

Processing temperature:

Not lower than +15 ° C for the substrate and +18 ° C in the atmosphere during application. Bring the material and atmosphere to the temperature required for laying in winter. Observe the manufacturer's instructions for installation / application.


According to local regulations.


Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, flush with plenty of water. Do not empty into drains.

Floor adhesive - Superkleber

1.3 Kilograms
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