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Facade paint based on siloxane resin. High water vapor permeability. Prevents the formation of dampness in masonry and renders. Protects against mold and mildew deposits. Has anti-static properties, repelling dust and soot. Self-cleaning.


By brush, roller, airless spray (nozzle 0.018 - 0.021 inch, spray angle 50 °, pressure 150 - 180 bar, thinned max. 5%)



Gloss level:



Water, special dispersion and emulsion based on silicone resin, titanium dioxide, fillers, additives, preservative.


1.49 g / cm3


For the formation of coatings with high air permeability, shock-resistant and self-cleaning in the outdoor sector.


Weather resistant in all climatic zones, abrasion resistant, has a high hiding power. Lime matt coating is resistant to industrial and residential facades, has antistatic properties, repels dirt, soot and dust, and has a high permeability to water vapor. Environmentally friendly, does not contain solvents, is not wetted with water.

One of the first solvent-free paint based on siloxane resin with a special peeling pearl effect. The mineral textured coating does not shrink or form a film.


All professionally prepared, dry, clean, strong and load-bearing substrates are suitable.

Operating procedure:

To strengthen professionally prepared intensively absorbent and crumbling substrates, apply a special Kaizer brand Siloxan-Tiefgrund wet-on-wet 1-2 times depending on the substrate. The dried surface should not shine. For intermediate coat, thin the paint with max. 5% water. The final coating should also be done with a 5% solution or without thinning. Let the paint dry well. Able to carry the load after about 8 hours.


Do not mix with other paints. water-repellent properties are lost when mixed.


Max. 5% with clean water


Max. 5% Vollton- und Abtönfarben.

Cleaning tools:

Rinse with water immediately after use.


OK. 100-150 ml / m2 on smooth surfaces. The most accurate calculation of use is a test painting on site.


Store in a cool, dry place, protected from frost. Shelf life in the original packaging of the manufacturer is 12 months.


10 kg

20 kg

Drying time:

At a temperature of + 20 ° C, complete drying after 8 hours. In colder temperatures and wetter weather, the drying time is correspondingly longer.

Processing temperature:

Minimum + 8 ° C for substrate and atmosphere during application and drying, favorable temperature + 20 ° C


According to local regulations.

Siloxane facade paint. "Siloxan Fassadenfarbe"

15 Kilograms
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