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Facade paint based on silicate (liquid glass). High water vapor permeability. Prevents the formation of dampness in masonry and renders. Protects against mold and mildew deposits. Self-cleaning.


Facade paint for the formation of coatings with high permeability to air and water vapor, shock-resistant and self-cleaning in the outdoor sector.



Gloss level:



Water, special dispersion and emulsion based on silicate (water glass), fillers, additives, preservative, pigment suspensions.


1.49 g / cm3


By brush, roller, airless spray (nozzle 0.018 - 0.021 inch, spray angle 40-80 °, pressure 6-8 bar, thin with max. 5%)


Silicate based paint (liquid glass) with a special rolling pearl effect, weather resistant in all climatic zones, abrasion resistant, has a high hiding power. The matte finish is resistant to the facades of industrial and residential buildings, repels dirt, soot and dust, has a high permeability to water vapor. Environmentally friendly, does not contain solvents, the painted surfaces retain their properties longer than conventional paints. Can be applied to surfaces previously painted with lime paints.


All professionally prepared, dry, clean, strong and load-bearing substrates are suitable.

Operating procedure:

To strengthen professionally prepared intensively absorbent and crumbling substrates, apply a special Kaizer primer-concentrate Putzgrundharter 1: 4 using the wet-on-wet method 1-2 times depending on the substrate. The dried surface should not shine. For intermediate coat, thin the paint with max. 5% water. The final coating should be done with undiluted paint if possible, or thinned to a maximum of 5%. Let the paint dry well.


Do not mix with other paints. water-repellent properties are lost when mixed. Can be tinted only in light colors!


Max. 5% with clean water


OK. 100-150 g / m2 on smooth surfaces. The most accurate calculation of use is a test painting on site.


Store in a cool, dry place, protected from frost. Shelf life in the original packaging of the manufacturer is 12 months.


7.5 kg, 15 kg, 25 kg.

Drying time:

At normal temperature + 20 ° C, complete drying after 8 hours. In colder temperatures and wetter weather, the drying time is correspondingly longer.

Processing temperature:

Minimum + 8 ° C for substrate and atmosphere during application and drying, favorable temperature + 20 ° C


According to local regulations.

Front silicate paint. "Silikat Fassadenfarbe"

1 Kilogram
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