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Acrylic textured paint with the addition of quartz. For interior and exterior use. Shockproof. Climate resistant.

Technology of use

1 layer - Base

2nd layer - Deep penetration impregnation primer

3rd layer - Putty

4th layer - Quartz soil

5 layer - decorative finish

6 layer - Protection over plaster

Technical description

Type of material: Convenient to apply, easy-to-process textured paint with high adhesion to the base. The resulting coating is weatherproof, resistant to climatic influences and aggressive industrial air pollution, resistant to mechanical stress, with high elasticity and moisture resistance, has good vapor permeability. Does not contain solvents.




Water, acrylic dispersion, titanium dioxide, quartz sand, fillers, additives, preservative.


1.7 g / cm3

Application area:

For decorative painting of facades, as well as indoors with increased operational load (walls of staircases and landings, halls, offices, corridors, etc.) Allows you to create a structure "under a fur coat" (with a roller-coat) or "grooves" (with a rubber roller ), depending on the roller used.


Rollers of different types, construction spray gun.


Substrates must be clean, dry, sound and load-bearing. Strengthen absorbent and crumbling substrates with a Kaizer concentrate “Putzgrundharter 1: 4”. Intensively absorbent and crumbling substrates are recommended to be primed up to 2 times using the wet-on-wet method.

How to work Before applying Kaizer Putzeffectfarbe, it is recommended to prime the substrate with Kaizer Quarzgrunt, tinted in the same color as Kaizer Putzeffectfarbe.

Stir well before using the Kaizer brand Putzeffectfarbe. Apply to the surface undiluted, or dilute to a maximum of 5% with water.


OK. 900 - 1.1 kg / m2. The most accurate determination of consumption is a test painting on site.


Store tightly sealed in a cool, dry, frost-proof 12 months.


  8 kg, 15 kg.

Drying time:

At a temperature of + 20 ° C on the same day, repainting is possible. Cold temperatures delay the drying time accordingly.

Processing temperature:

+5 ° C minimum during processing and drying

Cleaning tools:

Rinse with water immediately after use.


Keep out of the reach of children. Do not inhale vapors when spraying. Ventilate well during and after handling the product. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Do not empty into drains, waterways or soil.


According to local regulations.

Water-based textured paint - Putzeffectfarbe

8 Kilograms
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