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Technical description:

Type of material:

For the final coating of Glamur, Marmorino, Travertino plasters for interior work. Increases the resistance of the coating to dirt and moisture.


Water, polymer dispersion, wax, additives, preservative ..



Gloss degree:

Silky shine


1.1 g / cm3


Venetian metal spatula, flannel napkin, brush, sponge.


Glossing wax for the final coat made of plasters: Glamur, Marmorino, Travertino. It enhances the intensity and depth of the color, gives the surface a silky shine, resistant to abrasion and wet cleaning.


When coated with wax, high quality surfaces are formed.

Use in humid rooms is only possible with adequate ventilation. Depending on the operational load of the surface and the humidity in the room, it may be necessary to apply wax in several layers, or, after a certain time, to renew the coating. Waxed surfaces do not promote adhesion. The application of any other material to the waxed surface is possible only after the complete removal of the wax. It is recommended to make a test coat before processing such a surface.


The last layer of Venetian plaster must be absolutely dry (dry for about 24 hours), then wax is applied.

Operating procedure:

Apply the wax to the surface with a Venetian steel spatula in a thin layer cross-over. Remove excess material with a spatula, making sure that no streaks form on the surface. Allow the surfaces to dry and then polish, or immediately, without waiting for drying, start polishing. For a high gloss surface, an additional second coat of wax can be applied. Dry surfaces can be hand polished with a soft, lint-free cloth.

The intensity of the polish and the number of layers of wax determine the gloss and effectiveness of the surface.


Any water-dispersive color scheme.


By water

Cleaning tools:

Immediately after work with water.


OK. 30-50 g / m2 with one-time coating. The most accurate method for determining consumption is a test painting on site.


Store in a cool, dry, frost-protected place in unopened manufacturer's packaging for 12 months.


200 gr, 700 gr.

Drying time:

The surface can be polished at a temperature of + 20 ° C and an air humidity of 65%. Application of the next layer of wax, depending on the absorbency of the substrate, after approx. 1 hour. At lower temperatures and higher air humidity, the drying time increases accordingly.

Processing temperature:

+ 10 ° C minimum for substrate and atmosphere during application and drying .


When working with products that are unsaturated with harmful substances, safety precautions must be observed. During and after work, ventilate the room well, do not inhale vapors when spraying, keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, otherwise rinse with running water. It is not recommended to drink, eat or smoke while working with the product. To protect the environment, do not empty into drains, soil or waterways.


According to local regulations.

Decorative wax - Glamur-Veneziano Vosk

200 Grams
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